dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Simple Stories: a new blogpost

Today is my turn again up on the SImple Stories blog!!

Check out my blogpost HERE, and let me know what you think!


woensdag 31 juli 2013

A Favorite app: Rhonna Farrer Designs

I have met Rhonna about two years ago during CHA Winter in LA while I was working on the Cosmo Cricket booth, she really is a sweetheart. I always followed her on Facebook and she is quit the digital artist. 

Last month she launched her own app for the Iphone (android will follow later) and it is AMAZING!! Now I am not a digital crafter at.all. but I love LOVE playing with it! There are so many possibilities in this one app. It was already #1 in the Photo & Video category in the appstore!

Here some I created till now :)

Rhonna has free tutorials on how to use the app up on her blog, Rhonna Designs

This very one I created today, my daughter brought me this beautiful sunflower today, isn't she just the sweetest?! ;)

Well if you haven't downloaded this app already I advice you to do so, it's worth every penny!!


dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Crea market: a rainy day

Last Saturday I woke up at 6.15 AM and got ready to go to the creative market to sell lots of scrap supplies. I had so much fun putting everything out on display.

Than code orange weather alarm came which first didn't scare me a bit because we had more bad weather reports in the past week and than only some minor rain for a couple of minutes. This was different though. The sky turn just a slightly bit dark..... 

(picture by Youri Claessens)

Good thing I had some great help to make sure all the product stayed save and didn't wash away! So instead of a long fun day at the market, I was home early. But new chances on October 6th. I than will be standing on an other market, inside this time ;)

Yes, I looked like I took a swim with my clothes on ;)


maandag 29 juli 2013

Simple Stories: Sn@p! Sets

Also new from Simple Stories are Sn@p! Sets
Each "set" has 4 products:
  • (48) Double Sided 3x4 cards with 96 Unique Designs
  • (24) Double Sided 4x6 Cards with 48 Unique Designs
  • (4) 4x6 Sticker Sheets - icons, labels, alphabet, typeset alphabet
  • (1) 4x6 Pocket, (2) 3x4 Pockets
Although they are called sets each product is sold separately. You can expect them to hit the shelves at your local scrapbook store mid September.
Now let show you all these sets that are releases, I think they are all amazing!

The see all the complete sets make sure to download the catalog.

Now if you would like to win one of those sets, YES YOU CAN! Make sure to leave a comment on the Simple Stories blogpost HERE. It's open for comments till July 30th. Winner will be announced on the 31st. 


zaterdag 27 juli 2013

Simple Stories: The new releases

Make sure to take a close look at this first collection, it has been chosen top BUZZ even before CHA kicked off! Read all about it at Scrapbook Update

If you would like to see all the details on these releases make sure to download the catalogs.

Next to the above releases there are also a couple Sn@p! releases called Sn@p! Sets. More about those is a later post.


donderdag 25 juli 2013

Hazel & Ruby: Their first two releases

During this Summer CHA Hazel & Ruby revealed their first two releases.

Completely following trend they have an amazing Chalkboard and bright colored release.

Chalk it up

(Cards by Debbie Olsen)

The second could be turning into my personal favorite. I love the colors and the "anthropology" feel to it.

Gone Typo

(Cards by Debbie Olsen)

Let your local scrapbook store know all about Hazel & Ruby if you are as excited as I am. They can contact Lindsay at hazelandruby dot com for all the info they'll need. 

The Hazel & Ruby website will be online soon. Make sure to already ad www.hazelandruby.com to your favorites list, than make sure to like their fan page on Facebook to be the first to see all that's going on with this amazing new company!!

For those of you attending CHA make sure to stop by their booth during winter CHA 2014, since they will be debuting there!


woensdag 24 juli 2013

Simple Stories: a mini album using I [HEART] Summer

Don't you just love that I [HEART] SUMMER release by Simple Stories? It is so versatile and the colors are so bright and fun. If you haven't seen the whole line jet you can download the catalog right here:


Since I don't want to fill a complete album or binder for every little trip we make I decided to just create a fun little mini album using the pockets and cards together with some pocket pages cut to the right size.

I know lots of your are I love with washi tape....let me make a big confession here...I hardly use it, so there, I said it! I have some and sometimes use little pieces on my project but I don't horde them. Better said, you can count them on one hand.

For this project I did use my washi tape, a lot. Maybe in a slightly different way than you should expect. The binding I made using washi tape.

Now you have seen how I put the album together lets take a look at the completed project :)Hope you are ready for a picture overload! The inside contains 13 "pages" and has 16 photo's included

The inside of the cover contains no more than just a card and some stickers.
To create the inside photo pockets I used two 6x8" pockets which I just cut in half.

How fun is it to include some memorables from your city trip? Here I included the ice tea stamper Noa got with her drink. By just braking of the lower piece it was possible to ad it.

Bij slipping one of those cute cards into a pocket you can easily add some journaling to your mini.

Don't you just love those Flair Icons which look just like a button, put don't come with a pin but with a sticky backside :)

Here I added a picture to the Sn@p! Cute page, by doing the same on the other side you cover the back of your pictures and your page is done!

Here you can see that I used to upper side of the pocket page which I cut in half. That leaves you with a pocket thats open on both sides. By using a sticker tab at the bottom of the pocket and by folding if in half, so it covers both sides, so close a part of the lower side of the pocket which keeps your picture from falling out. 

In this pockets I added two extra pictures.

The back cover is a pocket page which gives you space to add some extra memorable to your mini.

And a cute chipboard sticker at the back to finish it!

Since it's CHA time of the year again I will be back soon with to show you what new and on my wish list!